Sunday, 30 October 2016

The value of working/learning in teams.

This week the staff from Pt England got into groups and shared about their inquiries. We all shared something of value that we had learnt from our inquiry and then we each asked a question about something we needed help with. While it was great to hear what everyone had recently learnt throughout their inquiry, for me, the greater value came from hearing people's questions about their own teaching and then seeing the way in which everyone responded to them. Everyone bought something to the table and everyone contributed to helping out their colleagues, no matter how much experience we each had had. The concept of Ako was alive and well.

For me, these conversations really highlighted the importance of doing things in teams and that effective teaching can't be done on your own...well at least in my case. It also hit home the fact that if you've got a question, ask it. I often tell my students there is no silly question and that we are all 'life long learners' yet when it comes to my own learning I don't necessarily apply the same thinking.  I find myself not wanting to ask questions in fear that the answer will be so obvious to everyone except myself, therefore making myself look stupid. Dumb eh? It's the same reason my students don't ask questions.

Moving forward, my goal is to ask more questions about my own teaching, and not just to senior teachers but to any of my colleagues. Who knows what gems of magic I might find.