Friday, 17 March 2017

The multiplication complication

To increase my kids times table knowledge I have included a basic facts station into the maths program. The goal was to make this station engaging and 100% child monitored as the children would be working at this station while I was working with a small group.

So far the station is proving to be a success. The children are visibly engaged when they are there and often ask when it is their groups turn at the station. At this point and time the station includes two activities:

 1 - Multiplication/division wheels
This task has the children testing each other on a times table they find challenging. If they get one wrong they have to find out the correct answer and say it 5 times e.g "6 x 8 = 48,  6 x 8 = 48..."
This task can also be done without a partner.

2 - Multiplication card game
Children start with the same amount of cards. At the same time each child turns over a card. The   goal is to be the first of the pair to correctly multiply the two cards together. The winner takes the cards. The person who gets all the cards is the winner. This game is works well particularly for the children who know most of the 1 - 10 times tables as the packs of card they use go up to 13. These children are encouraged to select cards that included 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13. I have 3 children who really struggle with times tables so these students add the numbers on the cards.

To keep the children engaged I will be changing the various activities up during the term. While the children are engaged I have yet to test them to see if this station is having any effect on their achievement. This will be happening soon so watch this space.

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