Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A challenge with create tasks

This term my maths class has been studying measurement. This lesson involved the children estimating and measuring distances then comparing the difference between them. It aligns with my CoL inquiry as it has a hands on/materials and a create element to the lesson. Being a hands on and a create based task made for high student engagement which was great to see. Unfortunately high engagement doesn't always mean learning. One challenge I find with create activities is the children get so caught up in the create aspect of the task and neglect the actual content of what they are creating. Often leading to videos with mathematical examples that are not accurate or clear.

This was a Google Class OnAir episode. For a full lesson plan, reflection and examples of the children completed activities please go here.


  1. Hi Rob,

    It is interesting to hear you talk about how the older children still need to use materials when they are learning maths. My feeling would be that the use of materials reduces as the children get into older classes, however the maths concepts becoming increasingly difficult to understand.

    Have a look at what Steph is doing with Year 2s!

    Awesome work,

  2. Hi Rob, valued the conversation at the hui about combining non-digital with the digital to support create to learn, thanks.

  3. Hi Rob, thanks for sharing your inquiry.
    I have found a similar thing when I do create tasks, that the kids get so excited to create something they forget about the content a little. With maths especially, when the concepts can be quite abstract and difficult to understand this can be a big issue.
    Maybe if we were more restrictive about what they could create, they might stay focused with the content a bit more.. but then do we want to limit their options?
    It creates a bit of tension..

    Thanks again for sharing.