Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Venturing into DMIC maths

I have taken the plunge and have introduced DMIC maths in my class. DMIC maths sees the students actively engaging in problem solving and taking more responsibility by actively listening, justifying their thinking and inquiring into others thinking to help them with their own understanding.

DMIC maths has every one as participating equally as part of the community or whanau.  Every one shares their thoughts, every one asks questions and everyone is in charge of developing their own mathematical understanding.

Venturing into DMIC maths has been a challenge for both myself and the kids. The kids have been used to the teacher telling them how to do things, which strategy to use and when to use it, so to turn that upside down, having the kids being active participants rather than a passive sponge, is foreign to them. They have been reluctant to talk, share their thoughts or challenge other's thinking but the good news is we are seeing progress.

Equally I'm used to teaching specific strategies for specific problems. I'm used to telling them the information I think they need to know. So to take a back seat and actually listen to what the children can work out together without jumping in with my way of doing things is a struggle.

We're into our 3rd week of using DMIC pedagogy and the kids are slowly getting use to it (as am I). Discussions are being had and mathematical thinking is starting to be challenged. I have seen glimpses of what it could look like once our mathematical community/whanau is alive and thriving.

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  1. Kia Ora Rob, I'm also introducing DMIC maths in my class. I'm enjoying to see this inquiry grow throughout this year. How have you got your kids engaged and talking throughout the math lessons?